Great Leaders Are Anxious To Give Credit To Others!

Helping others to their own success

Helping others to their own success

Story #1. I gave David, the board member, several ideas privately on how he could improve the new business strategy of the startup.  I expected him to go directly to the CEO and explain these to him. To my pleasant surprise he made all the suggestions in an email and attributed all the ideas to me, thus giving me full credit for them. My respect for him increased exponentially.  I will always be willing to help David.

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Five Critical Character Attributes of Great Leadership with Authority

Great leaders do not need to have authority or positions of power.  There are many examples of leaders who have changed the world without any type of authority, such as Mahatma Gandhi and his Salt March in 1930, or Dr. Martin Luther King and his March on Washington in 1963. Mahatma Gandhi on Salt March in 1930They did not hold political office, or military authority.  They had no authority over employment, wages, or social services.  Yet, it was still only through authority that the laws were eventually changed to reflect their goals. Leadership may provide the motivation, but authority still holds the necessary keys to change. Dr. Martin Luther King at the March on Washington 1963

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The Golden Hour and Leadership


Leadership, just like good photography, has to take advantage of the “Golden Hour” 

Sunset on Mauna Kea Hawaii

Sunset on Mauna Kea Hawaii: Photo by John Tanner

Photographers are acquainted with the term “the golden hour”. It refers to the timing related to where the sun is when you take photographs.  The golden hour is that time just around sunrise and sunset and it usually is no longer than an hour.  Colors and shadows are unique and vibrant, and you can take advantage of the angles of natural light. To catch the golden hour takes time and effort. I took the above photo during this golden hour in 2014 on the Island of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea. Continue reading