People are the Most Important Product in the World


Baby 12 hours after birth, Photo by John E Tanner

Baby 12 hours after birth, Photo by John E Tanner

If all the people in the world suddenly disappeared except you, all the money and inventions in the world would suddenly have no value.  Money would be useless, because there is no one to spend it with.  Things of themselves have no value without people.  Therefore, the most important product created in the world is human beings.

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Great Managers Like Those They Work with

Bully BossLearning to like people who are difficult to like is a skill you need to learn to become a great manager.  If you want to have control and become a great manager here is one big step on the way.  Continue reading

Great Managers Listen with Three Senses

ListenNothing is more frustrating than a manager who is not a good listener. Like the manager who types on his computer off and on while meeting with you, or is working his IM as you talk to him. Multitasking while you talk to someone sends a really bad message; “your not worth my FULL attention!”  Unfortunately, there are more and more of these types of managers. Society is also changing what is acceptable technology behavior, so it looks like there will be even more of them in the future.

Anyone can become a good, or even a great caring listener by practicing three basic skills and one “no no!”   If you do, it will give you a big advantage.  Continue reading