Leaders Learn

Many years ago I worked with someone who applied for the CIO position in my company, yet they had no technical skills.  They had never programmed, built a server, or installed a network, because they had never worked in Information Technology. What they had done, was design the requirements for an Intranet project that had failed.  Mainly, because they wanted every feature, and the vendor was saying yes to anything because he needed the project’s money through his financially hard times.

The amazing thing for me in this process, was how this person was going to manage something they could not understand.  It was like someone who wanted to manage a medical research project with scientists, but they had never studied medicine, or even organic chemistry.   They had described a cure once, and in their own mind that qualified them. Now this could have been a different situation had this person kept learning through their career instead of relying on their political connections to carry them.  Continuous learning as a leader is essential. Continue reading