Happiness Starts Here

Life is about happiness

Life is about happiness

Controlling how you feel is a talent that everyone needs to develop in order to be happy and successful. What ever measure of happiness you have now is greatly dependent how well you have developed this skill.  It is also the most valuable talent to own, if happiness is your goal…and it is.

It’s pretty easy to be happy and hopeful for the future when things are going well; you’re healthy; just got a raise or a promotion; or had the girl or boy of your dreams fall for you.

It’s quite another thing to feel great when you just lost a job; just received the wrath of a boss; had a serious injury or disease; or the boy or girl of your dreams just dumped you.

So, the question to ask yourself is, “am I happy because of what happens to me, or am I happy because I choose to be?” Continue reading