Great Leaders Don’t Swear!

Woman-SwearingShe was fairly attractive and very engaged in the project, but every time you spoke to her, you had to mentally dodge garbage coming from her mouth.  Simply speaking about an upcoming launch of an Intranet project meant that you had to deal with injections of references to the sex act, as well as her other litany of repeated oral puss. How did she think that fit into the context of this project. Its not like it happened just once, this thing for her was a real habit.

I did not look forward to meetings with her, and she did periodically apologize for swearing, but the apology did not make up for it. I was always glad when the meetings with her were finally done. She was a burden on many levels. 

Good language reflects what is in our minds.  What is in our minds feeds what grows in our hearts, and ALL ACTION IS DRIVEN BY THE HEART!!!

Why is swearing bad for leaders?  First it shows that you have a bad habit, and that undermines in some way your claim of self control. Its also distracting, especially for those who are trying to adhere to the mental “clean desk” policy. It sprays garbage onto the mental desks of others that they have to clean up.  A leader who has a swearing habit forces others to discard portions of the conversation into the garbage. Derogatory references to excrement, sex, and lets not forget demeaning references to sacred religious concepts and emblems, are thoughts most of us don’t want forced upon us.

No one was ever hired or promoted, because in their job interview they showed impressive proficiency in swearing.

Sure some can listen to it long enough that it becomes common place and they ignore it automatically. That also says something about them.  Are there better words to use than swear words to express feelings?  Of course there are, and there are entire degrees based on great literature that defines language that does exactly that.

Great leaders learn to use language to inspire and motivate.  They never waste time with language that will not uplift, inspire, and improve the lives of others. They are always concerned about how their words will create thoughts, and how those thoughts will affect themselves and those who depend on them.

They also realize that what ever they put into their mind will be the fuel that warms their heart.  They understand that all action comes from the heart and that its proper feeding is critical for their happiness.

They understand that the happiness of others and themselves is the definition of success!  Thoughts, language, and then action are the keys to this!

Its about the people!

John E Tanner

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